Mediterranean & Black Sea

Building for the Future

We are proud to offer regular heavy-lift capable services to and from the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

With our regular sailings and port calls we provide flexible, tailor made and cost effective shipping solutions to and from Black Sea and Mediterranean ports to the Americas, Africa, Asia and Northern Europe. Our large box-hold, tweendeck, multipurpose, heavylift fleet provides highly capable vessels and quick transit times.

Large Cargo lifted from vessel at port
The Best Crew on Board

We provide customized, cost-effective solutions to the world’s leading companies.

All our operations are carried out by professional personnel and qualified seafarers who offer ample international experience according to your needs. We get the job done.

Countries Services

Multiple port calls in the Mediterranean the Black Sea every month.

Through our extensive liner and tramp services, we offer sailings to most ports in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Our long-term port handling agreements and experience provide the assurance of qualified personnel to oversee the loading and discharge of cargo at all ports

Albania Algeria Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Egypt France Georgia Greece Israel Italy Lebanon Libya Malta Morocco Romania Slovenia Spain Tunisia Turkey Ukraine .
Shipping Frequency

Monthly Sailings &
Inducement Calls